Nuclear Power Industry Headed in Two Directions

On May 8, 2019 the National Public Radio website posted two articles related to the nuclear power industry. These articles each reported on independent unrelated events. However, when taken together, they reveal two contrasting directions of the nuclear power industry. The first article, entitled Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant to Close, Latest Symbol of Struggling […]

What is the Difference Between Central Station Generation and Distributed Generation?

In 1882, when Thomas Edison lit his first commercial light bulbs he used direct current electricity produced at a dynamo located across the street from building containing his new lighting fixtures. Edison attempted to maintain this business model, selling lighting systems throughout the world consisting a small generating source and a short distribution line going […]

Northeast Blackout of 2003 – The Failure of Voluntary Compliance

August 14 was one of the hottest days of 2003 in the Northeast United States. Late in the afternoon people were beginning to leave work in anticipation of a cool evening in their air-conditioned homes.  But at 4:10 P.M. a wide scale electric blackout shut off power to over 50 million people from Detroit, Michigan […]

How Do Regulatory Agencies Set Just and Reasonable Rates?

As discussed in the Post entitled “Why Are Electric Utilities Regulated?” virtually every state, as well as the Federal Government, has incorporated the Regulatory Compact into its utility regulatory law. That means that the utilities are required to provide service and the government is required to authorize the utility to charge Just and Reasonable rates.  […]