The Electric Industry Explained

What do most people know about electricity and the electric industry? They know that when they flip a switch electricity makes their lights go on. They know that they need electricity to run their computers and appliances. And they know that their cell phones will not work unless they are charged with electricity. 

But what if they want to better understand the details of the electricity crises that they read about in the news? Crises like the potential for cyber-attacks on the electric grid; or the risks of the aging electric infrastructure; or the impact of fossil fuel generation on climate change.

They might search out resources that explain electricity and its delivery. But those resources are likely to be filled with technical terms like Ohms and Watts and Volts. What they really need is a resource with straight-forward non-technical explanations of electricity, the electric industry and the issues that now face that industry. They need something that explains the electric industry.

My name is I. David Rosenstein and I worked as a consulting engineer and attorney in the electric industry for 40 years. At various times during my career I worked for utility customers, Rural Electric Cooperatives, traditional investor owned regulated utilities and deregulated power generation companies.

After I retired a wrote a book entitled Electrifying America: From Thomas Edison to Climate Change that describes the 130-year evolution of the electric utility industry.

I created this blog as a companion to my book. It provides simple explanations for different aspects of the electric industry. I have prepared this blog mostly for high school and college students. However, it should also be useful for anyone seeking more information about the business of providing electricity to our homes and businesses.

I already have a long list of subjects that I intend to cover. However, I would appreciate any suggestions that readers may have for subjects that they want to see me address.